Max Weber And Weber's View On Modern Society

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In the field of Sociology, there are several important figures that have influenced modern sociology and social behavior. Two of these important figures are Max Weber (1864-1920) and Emil Durkheim (1858-1917). I will be comparing and contrasting Durkheim and Weber based on their perspective on religion. Religion plays role in shaping acceptable social behavior and the history of society. Both sociologists believed that religion holds power over societies and its people, yet the religious background of these two important sociologists is an important factor to why they have a different theory on the topic of religion. Weber and Durkheim viewed religion as a reflection of society. To Weber religion is the organized structure that demonstrated importance in modern society. In The Protestant Ethnic and the Spirit of Capitalism, Weber discusses how Christianity has impacted Western thinking, and stated that Christianity was the root of Capitalism …show more content…
They had different perspectives on the subject of religion, but both sociologists believed that religion had an impact on society and its structure. Personally, I agree that religion had an impact on society since a lot of the structure that has existed in religion can be seen in modern society. I especially agree with Weber’s Protestant work ethic because of the idea of the ‘American Dream’ here in the United States. The American Dream once meant that by working hard anyone could achieve their goal, but unfortunately, in my opinion, the American Dream does not exist anymore since the only ones who do make money are those who already wealthy and those who work hard end up in an endless cycle of working. I believe that both Weber’s and Durkheim’s theories are still applicable in modern society since religion continues to have an impact despite having less of an influence modern

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