Max And Liesel In The Book Thief

The Book Thief
In The Book Thief, there are two characters that really influence each other throughout the course of the book. These characters are Max and Liesel. Max and Liesel understand one another on a deeper level than any of the other characters, because they have both gone through a traumatic experience. Their experiences help them create a gigantic influence on the other throughout the book.
Max and Liesel help one another a lot throughout the book. With them both being left by (or leaving) their families, they help each other cope with the pain. Their bond is based on the pain they both feel, that the others around them are not sure what it would even feel like. In a way the way they both cope with the pain, influences the other.
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They each play a certain role that makes the story come together. If these roles were somehow changed, in even the slightest way, it would create a whole different story. One way they could be changed is changing the gender, of the main characters. By changing the genders of the main characters it would make the story feel different overall. All the relationships would be effected. It would also make things in the story very different. Situations wouldn't have the same feeling and some things might not be as …show more content…
So, Salamanca and her grandparents set out on an adventure to go visit her mother. While Salamanca faces many problems throughout the story, I believe that her parents splitting up is a major one. It is also a problem many other teens face today.
In the novel the issue is handled by her mother leaving and Salamanca and her dad moving to a farm in Euclid. Salamanca doesn't get to see her mother for a while, because she is so far away. This makes her very sad and miss her mother very much. That is why Salamanca and her grandparents decide to head out on an adventure to visit her mother for her birthday.
Salamanca is very devastated by her mother leaving, so she tries to do some things to keep her mind off of it. She tries to help her new friend Phoebe. Phoebe's mother had recently gone missing and Salamanca and her try to figure out where she went and why. While trying to find her they find out many secrets of Phoebe's mom. They find out things such as, Phoebe's mom had gone to visit a son she had put up for adoption, that she had never told anyone about. Salamanca also tries to blame her dad for her mom's leaving, as a way of trying to cope. But deep down she knows it was not his fault and he is hurting just as much, if not more, than

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