Personal Narrative: Maw Dianne

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My earliest memory is burned into the back of my eyes forever. Mother shoved Father and Father pushes back. Shouts of profanity was heard throughout the house as I grab Sugar, my childhood pet and run to the Living room to meet my nine year old brother who is covering his ears with a look of sheer panic. Mother grabs my hand and drags me outside whilst my father cries. I watch my childhood home shrink as I was drove away. Burned rubber littered the driveway where I once stood. Mother never failed to be dramatic and base her actions on her anger. I would learn later on that the biggest mistake was leaving that house. The solemn childhood I live through made me a better person.
My Maw-Maw Dianne never failed to welcome anyone who needed help into her home. After the divorce, Mother, Brother and I
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It was time to visit to the safe haven, Maw-Maw Dianne’s. My Maw-Maw Dianne never failed to welcome anyone who needed help into her home. My mother and I lived at Maw-Maw Dianne’s from the time I was four years old until I was five years old. While I was at Maw-Maw Dianne’s, I went to the local church on Wednesday and Sunday. During the preacher’s hour long speech, I would always fall asleep; however, Maw-Maw Dianne seldom became upset with me. Maw-Maw Dianne, as sweet as she was, knew exactly what had happened by the bruises on my brother’s poor little hands. Maw-Maw Dianne was kind but defenseless, she did not have a strong stance on what went on in Mom’s household. After brother and I stayed alone at Maw-Maw Dianne’s for four days, we were back at David’s. There were many more ruckuses; therefore, there were many more visits to Maw-Maw Dianne’s. For ages I believed Father did not love us. I found out later on he did not know of the situation. Mother had decided early on David was permanent. When a fight happened, Mother made it a routine to unplug the house phone for days on end. My brother’s cries for help were

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