Mavi Marmara Tragedy Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… The tragedy involves the death of nine and injury of many other Turkish citizens who were shot from the Israeli Army while their boat was attempting to break the Israeli barricade to continue to Gaza with the mission of helping the people of Gaza on a humanitarian mission. On the other hand, we have Israelis who considered this as a defense – attack and make zero effort to apologize and compensate Turkey for this tragedy. This of course, gave Turkey another pretext of further increase their tension and relations with Israel by reacting in various threatening forms towards Israel. Quite recently, the pre- minister R.T. Erdogan came publicly by declaring that that Turkey would increase its naval presence in the eastern Mediterranean. And, speaking of future aid flotillas bound for Gaza, he stated: “From now on, we will not let these ships be attacked by Israel, as what happened with the Freedom Flotilla” (Shaoul). So, having UN not approving the complaint of Turkey in the issue with Israel, not publicly apologizing and compensating them, but further allowing Israel to push forward in Gaza and use their military force there, were clear indicators for Turkey that their foreign policy in the Middle East area have to drastically change and push for a more rigid Turkish …show more content…
Moreover, healing is becoming increasingly harder, since the time for an apology or some other gesture related to the Gaza tragedy has passed. On the one hand, we have a suspicious Israel about the intentions of Turkey in the Middle East. On the other side, Turkey is continuing its negative statements about Israel in its foreign policy activities and no agreement is in sight. Furthermore, Turkey, being the ‘victim’, definitely wants to exploit the situation and reflect that through foreign policy tools by increasing its power and influence. One question that is worth exploring is whether a compromise can be found between Israel and Turkey and whether this can turn into an armed conflict? While I do not believe that a war is imminent, I do foresee that the relationship between Israel and Turkey to continue to remain tensed for a long time. As we explained above, even when situations were much tensed, Turkey and Israel have always had open lines of communication. That is why, even though on the surface it looks very bad, it is very hard to see how this could escalate in an armed

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