Essay about Maus : My Father Bleeds History

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Art Spiegelman, the author of Maus: My Father Bleeds History, interviews his own father Vladek Spieglman who is a Holocaust survivor, to document his experiences in the Holocaust. The Holocaust was a Jewish massacre in the Nazi Germany under Adolf Hitler. Though Maus, in the narration, focuses more on the experiences of his father as one of the survivors of the massacre, it also seeks to present a case for people from two generations: Vladek from the past and Art from the present, and how the effect of the Holocaust has influenced their relationships. In essence, how the past influences the relationship with the future. This paper will bring up the relationship between past experiences and the present life of Vladek, from his response to questions posed by his son, it will be clear to identify what the past means to him and how it has the impact of his relationship with people and the environment.
According to Hamida Bosmajian, although the book narrates events of the past, it is set in the present to offer an understanding the influence of dark past events on the present. As a result, it is effective to use the present to represent the past. Similarly, Dominick LaCapra shares an identical opinion that the past is often engulfed into the present and like a mathematical formula, past events could be used to give a snapshot of how the present will be. To the survivors, the Holocaust had taken them through a horrifying experience in the massacre because of the many killing that…

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