Matthew Arnold Is A Poet Best Remembered By His Sophisticatedly Reasoned Critical Poems

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Matthew Arnold is a poet best remembered by his sophisticatedly reasoned critical poems and essays. His themes are modest and simple, while simultaneously being touching and emotional. Matthew didn’t apply complicated concepts to his poems, he used unpretentious themes such as faith, love, and nature. And that’s precisely where he excelled at, he managed to write about simple and popular topics while striking the reader where it counts, feelings. But there’s one theme that Arnold paid close attention to, respected, even admired it. Matthew used a variety of natural allegories throughout his writings. The connection between man and nature in Arnold’s poetry, is superbly displayed in a sea of tranquility. It represents everything that is constant, genuine, and pretty. He observed nature and its details, especially the way how serene and modest nature can be to appreciate. And he made it obvious of his admiration of nature in his poems: Hayeswater, Dover Beach, and A Dream; are all stunning examples of Arnold’s admiration for the theme of nature. They might have different purposes, but the theme of man and the natural world is present in every single one of them. The theme wonderfully denotes magnificence and limpidness, and the abstract human skill of transcending (the ability to be/go beyond limits or ranges). Notably, in Hayeswater Arnold’s entire poetic philosophy revolves around the theme of man and the natural world. The poem is based on a small lake located in Southeast…

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