Matthew And Luke Share A Related Teaching Essay

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Matthew and Luke share a related teaching in which another aspect of the father’s nature is revealed – his attitude toward supplicants and his benevolent character. The majority of Matthew 6 is devoted to the attitude of the Father toward his children as worshippers and those seeking his aid. The Father is concerned with the inner character or true person of the child rather than outward performance – which is to say that what the child is at a fundamental level is more important to the Father than what the child does. Matthew extends this teaching into an invitation to trust in the benevolent character of the attentive Father who “knows our need before we ask” and yet delights in being asking and in providing for his children while incorporating them into the family business of making the Kingdom of God come in the here and now until it arrives in the ultimate sense at the eschaton. In his teaching on prayer as recorded in Luke’s gospel, (although Matthew situates it in a Sermon on the Mount discourse about ethics, preceding the teaching with a command not to judge and following it with the golden rule in Matthew 7:7-11) Jesus portrays the fundamental nature of the Father in Heaven through an appeal to the better nature of most humans toward their own young – with this image of human goodness serving as a good but shallower refection of the nature of God.
In Luke 11 teaching his disciples the model prayer, Jesus offers an extended series of parables and sayings about the…

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