Mattel 's Influence On Children 's Own Creation Essay

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Nowadays, a lot of parents are facing same problem to educate their children which are anti learning. In order to develop creativity and intelligence, parents would like to buy some educational toys to help their children. According to Levin and Rosenquest (2001), Playing toys can have significant influence on children and provide the opportunities to engage in play of children’s own creation. However, in recent years the number of educational toys have been increase rapidly and there are many different kinds of toys in the market, parents are confusing to choose a educational toy for their children. With the purpose of increasing the children’s interest in learning, Hasbro company designed a new product for children which is called Professor Feathers. Hasbro is an American multinational company which is one of the largest toy maker and the largest producer of board games in the world (Anonymous, 2006). Professor Feathers is a new product for Hasbro where children are able to learn whilst playing. Children can read the questions on the screen and jump on the right answer using the different stepping blocks. There are three modes in this toy for spelling, counting or learning shapes and forms. In addition, it can be played as a group and aimed at age from 5 to 10 years old children. Professor Feathers not only can increase children’s interest in learning but also help children to develop creativity and intelligence. Our group have divided the business plan in…

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