Mattel Creations: A Case Study

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Mattel Creations is an American multinational toy manufacturing company founded in 1945, 71 years ago. The headquarters of the company are located in El Segundo, California. The company was founded by Harold Matson, Elliot Handler, and Ruth Handler. Harold Matson and Elliot Handler were the original founders, and Harold sold his share to Elliot because of poor health. Ruth Handler took over Harold’s roles. Elliot and Ruth Handler were married and developed other toys such as Barbie, Chatty Cathy, Creepy Crawlers, and Hot Wheels. Mattel Creations is responsible for the production of Fisher-Price, Barbie, Monster High dolls, Matchbox toys, Masters of the Universe, American Girl dolls, board games, and WWE toys (Wikipedia).
Mattel introduced
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Research has been done to prove that negative body image can lead to depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts (Lifespan). Negative body image can also lead to eating disorders which can cause these young girls to eventually starving themselves to make themselves get as thin as possible. In the long run this could be a problem for women; if they starve themselves, they could eventually kill themselves by doing so. It is also possible that these girls can even pay to change their body to make themselves look like Barbie, like women have done before. Pixee, a woman from Sweden, for example. She originally got her inspiration from characters like Jessica Rabbit, Aurora from Sleeping Beauty, and Holli Would from Cool World (Balson). This woman has spent a total of $199,200 in American money, to take herself from 30-24-34 to 38-16-39 (Balson). Whereas, if Barbie was a real woman her measurements would be 39-18-33 (Beaudoin). This woman went to great lengths to make her measurements as close as possible to Barbie, and now has done potential damage to her body. She had some of her ribs removed, which took away protection from some organs inside her body (Balson). This poses a threat to her body if something were to happen to her. Young girls may see this woman and want to look like her, which all ties back to

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