Essay about Matrix Organizational Structure

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The wider span of control also enhances communication among team members and among team members and their leader in the discharge of their duties towards the achievement of team goals.

• The matrix structure helps Syngenta to achieve coordination necessary to meet dual demands from customers. By drawing human resources from the various departments, there is the need for coordination among the departments and their members on a project for reporting and feedback purposes for the achievement of the team goals.

• The matrix structure is also suited to complex decisions and frequent changes in unstable environments like that of the Syngenta group.

• The matrix structure provides opportunity for both functional and product skill development as employees benefit from each other’s ability when working on a same project.

• The matrix structure also enables flexible sharing of human resources across projects to take advantage of the synergy produced by a cross-over of talent.

2. Tentative organizational chart for Syngenta:

For the purpose of this chart, I will assume Syngenta is engaged in four projects namely project A, project B, Project C and

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