Mathis And John Family Integration Reflection

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Part 1. Family Integration Reflection The book how to stay Christian in the seminary is a wakeup call for us who are aspiring to be a minister in the church. Mathis and Jonathan states that seminary and ministry work can be precarious, because we can burn out quickly. Many times we overlook that we're called into ministry to give glory to God, and not to ourselves. It remind me that all my activities, study and working should be done in a devotional way, to spend devotional time with my Lord. As a spinster to put in practice what I learnt from this book into my family is not possible because am 20000 miles away from my family. As an individual I try to avoid replacing my relationship with God with academic study or any other activities but rather use that my busy schedule to build a legitimate relationship with my creator. Though studying and other school activities are good, but how to stay Christian in the seminary made me realize that in the midst of our daily …show more content…
It is not a place where we attempt to amplify and enhance aspects of a small God. Seminary isn’t a place where we get the privilege and the challenge of viewing God through a telescope. We have a God who is beyond our comprehension and grasp, and those in seminary get the privilege of diving in and attempting to better understand the nature of this big God in small, yet transformative ways. Parnell quotes Edwards saying, “God glorifies himself in communicating himself, and he communicates himself in glorifying himself.” Seminarians are left tumbling in observation and worship. For the authors, the study of God is innately devotional and must be worship stirring. This is something of which I must constantly remind myself as I can easily narrow my view to mere “study.” My study should always lead to worship; if it doesn’t, I’m not studying the God of the

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