Mathematics Of Mathematics For Mathematics Essay

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Mathematics is a necessary aspect of my life. In my home, work, school and even social environments, numbers surround me. Over many years, I have learned how to derive meaning from them or use them to help me figure things out. During this unit, I have learnt, re-learnt and applied various areas of mathematics to help me achieve the outcomes and find solutions to each ‘Thinking Time Problem’ [TTP] presented. These relate to the Australian Curriculum- Mathematics proficiency strands of problem solving and reasoning, while the ‘What I Know About’ [WIKA] activities relate to understanding and fluency (Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority [ACARA], n.d.-b). This paper aims to exhibit something of my achievements, confidence, anxieties, strengths and weaknesses in the six areas of Mathematics of Number, Algebra, Geometry, Statistics and Probability via these learning activities, in addition to the Mathematics Competency Tests [MCTs] (Pearson Education, 2015), study plans and Disposition Surveys [surveys]. I hope to demonstrate how relevant mathematics really is.


I am highly competent in using numbers for quantifying and calculating amounts encountered in both educational and real-world situations. Numbers are represented by the digits 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9 any combination of these including negative numbers, fractions, decimals and irrational numbers (Lakin, 2011; Pierce, 2014a). For the Week 7 Thinking Time Problem [TTP] (Curtin…

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