Essay about Mathematics Is The Language Of Numbers

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Mathematics is the language of numbers, and in order to interpret this language a student has to acquirer the ability to compute a series of numbers, symbols and equations. This is one subjects that is most struggled in. Confusion along with frustration fall upon some learners in the attempt of understand this unique lingo. The possibility of avoiding math and lack of willingness to learn this language could be exhibited from some students.
To comprehend and attempt to correct this dilemma a few issues would have to be examined, for instance the traditional presentation of the information, the form in which the brain processes data, and new methods that have been introduced, which include the new findings of the functionality of the brain. The manner in which any student receives knowledge is thru an Educator, they are the foundation of a student’s learning experience. With new research on the functionality of the brain along with new teaching methods emerging, a combination of these two aspects may help reform the traditional ways of teaching math.
To understand why math has been so difficult to comprehend, some of the traditional ways of teaching math must be examined. According to one author “The traditional teacher is guiding students, telling them exactly how to use the materials in a prescribed manner. The focus of the lesson is primarily on getting answers. Students rely on the teacher to determine if their answers are correct. Children emerge from these experiences…

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