Mathematics Is A Program For Students With A Range Of Disabilities And English Language Learners

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Equals Mathematics
Equals Mathematics is a program that focuses on foundational mathematics skills. It can be differentiated to apply to a wide variety of students including students with a range of disabilities and English language learners. This system provides a wide range of materials including books, manipulatives, worksheets, posters, and online activities.
Target Audience
This program is not specifically targeted toward a specific age range. Rather, it is targeted toward teaching students fundamental mathematic skills. The materials cover K-4 mathematics and are geared toward students with mild, moderate, and severe disabilities as well as students whose first language is not English. The goal of this curriculum it to use a variety of methods, including technology (including classroom Chromebooks) to help students develop early math skills.
Design and Rationale
The curriculum is designed to provide multiple formats for students to practice math skills. Lessons are guided in order to help the teacher provide the lesson as effectively as possible. There is a focus throughout the system on using hands-on, game-based activities to engage students and give them a tangible link to the concepts they are using. This program is appropriate for elementary, especially upper elementary because it uses multiple formats that are potentially interesting to students. Additionally, fundamental mathematics is an important skill for students to acquire as soon as possible. The sooner…

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