Mathematics And The International Mathematics Essay

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On the other hand, some courses optimization seems to be the strongest topic in applied mathematics, with additional interest in differential equations. Lecturers are not much motivated to improve the situation rather they maintain their traditional lecture approach. Problem-solving applications and research activities generally are only beginning to take hold, however, because university mathematics has traditionally focused on theoretical topics on the assumption that the only career for math majors would be in teaching (The International Mathematics Union, 2014). In fact, research made in most African universities including Ethiopia, investigated some challenges lecturers faced not to be motivated in their teaching and not to acquire a positive attitude towards their teaching .Some challenges that hinder development and application of mathematics and mathematics education in Africa and Ethiopian university instructors in particular are: Lack of emphasis on the part of university administrations to support lecturers, general view in society including students of mathematics as a difficult subject ,lack of encouragement for research as part of a mathematics education , Lack of in-service training about the practical applicability of mathematical concepts by teaching through problem solving ,a general shortage of PhD holders and professors in the universities and in the country as a whole particularly in mathematics, lack of mathematical facilities, equipment, and…

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