Mathematics and Forensics Essay examples

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Mathematics and Forensics

8 March, 2015
Math History - 109

In a world filled with technology, accountability, and a desire for higher quality of living; the world owes it all to math. As children grow up and are taught mathematics in countries all over the world; they are all being taught the same language. Math is the universal language of the world and math has changed the world from the time of the Egyptians to the present day era of technology. Mathematicians like Nicolaus Copernicus gave the world the truth of the universe with heliocentrism, while Isaac Newton gave the world the modern laws of physics. Mathematics has even paved its way into music with each beat of music being timed by numbers. Math is everywhere and people
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Other ways that ballistics matter is by recreating a crime scene and measuring the trajectory of the bullet compared to that of the perpetrators height. The bullets trajectory matters greatly in crimes towards a perpetrator because if the person’s height does not fit the expected result of the equation, then most likely the person suspected will not be the culprit. Forensics uses measurement to capture fact based evidence and none of this is possible without math.
Forensic scientists are capable of so much in capturing the truth behind a situation. Processes like studying blood splatter and figuring out how to retrieve DNA without compromising evidence is very important to finding the truth of a crime. To be more specific, a forensic biologist can compare two sets of DNA samples and find the probability of which the DNA is a match or not ("Use of Mathematics in Forensic Science", 2012). Another way mathematics impacts forensics is by studying and measuring blood splatter. Precise measurements can lead scientists to figuring out where the person was standing by using trigonometry ("Use of Mathematics in Forensic Science", 2012). Scientists can use triangles to determine exactly how the person shooting the gun was standing, the angle from which the shot took place, and how far away from the person they were.

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