Mathematical Competence of Grade 7 Students Essay

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The theory of Realistic Mathematics Education as a theoretical framework for teaching low attainers in mathematics
Barnes, Hayley E.
Date: 2005-06
This article recounts the process embarked on and reasons for selecting the theory of Realistic Mathematics Education (RME) as the theoretical framework in a study carried out with low attaining learners. In the study an intervention for low attaining grade 8 mathematics learners was implemented in an attempt to improve the understanding of the participants with regard to place value, fractions and decimals, and to identify characteristics of this type of intervention and potential design
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He felt that students should not be considered as passive recipients of ready-made mathematics, but rather that education should guide the students towards using opportunities to reinvent mathematics by doing it themselves.Study situations can represent many problems that the students experience as meaningful and these form the key resources for learning; the accompanying mathematics arises by the process of mathematization. Starting with context-linked solutions, the students gradually develop mathematical tools and understanding at a more formal level. Models that emerge from the students' activities, supported by classroom interaction, lead to higher levels of mathematical thinking.For more information about RME in the Netherlands, see: * Mathematics education in The Netherlands, a guided tour (pdf). * Realistic Mathematics Education: work in progress.Other relevant research publi |

One of the key issues to look at when examining any Learning Theory is Transfer of Learning. Indeed, this is such an important idea, that it is a field of research in its own right. Researchers and practitioners in this field work to understand how to increase transfer of learning -- how to teach for transfer.IntroductionConstructivismSituated LearningTransfer of LearningGeneral Learning Theory ReferencesTop of Page IntroductionThe intent of this Website is to help support the work of IT in education materials and users of such materials. Materials

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