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Examination Guide
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College Algebra

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The first few sections of this study guide explain how CLEP can help you earn credit for the collegelevel learning you have acquired and provide suggestions for preparing for the exams. The guides to the individual exams include test descriptions, sample questions and tips for preparing to take the exams. CLEP has also made available a demonstration video (CLEP Tutorial) that walks test-takers through the registration process and the Internet-based testing experience. You may also refer to the CLEP Tutorial to access sample questions and a demonstration on how to use the online calculators. Then, use this Guide to become familiar with the description and content of each exam you’re interested in taking. This Guide contains sample questions and an answer key for each exam, as well as in-depth information about how to decide which exams to take, how to prepare to take those exams, and how to interpret your scores.


Preparing to Take CLEP Examinations
Having made the decision to take one or more CLEP exams, most people then want to know how to prepare for them — how much, how long, when, and how should they go about it? The precise answers to these questions vary greatly from individual to individual. However, most candidates find that some type of test preparation is helpful. Most people who take CLEP exams do so to show that they have already learned the key material taught in a college course. Many of them need only a quick review to assure themselves that

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