Math Area Is an Integral Part of the Overall Montessori Curriculum

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The Math area is an integral part of the overall Montessori curriculum. Math is all around us. Children are exposed to math in various ways since their birth. They begin to see numbers all around their environment. It is inherent for them to ask questions about time, money and questions about quantities. Math should be included in the Montessori curriculum because math materials are bright, colorful and aesthetically pleasing, math materials are clear and concrete that children are able to understand. For example, children relate numbers with real objects that eventually become abstract ideas, many of the math materials teach different skills at the same time and children are able to work independently and are able to be successful. …show more content…
This type of purposeful movement satisfies their sensitive period of movement. The sensitive period for language is very important, and in many math activities precise language is used to. “This is”, “this says” and “same as” the hand is doing exactly what we are saying. Putting something together or mixing something as we present the activity. "This system in which a child is constantly moving objects with his hands and actively exercising his senses, also takes into account a child's special aptitude for mathematics.”(Maria Montessori, The Discovery of the Child) The sensitive period for beauty is addressed in math activities. The activities are not only aesthetically pleasing but there is a sense of amazement. The golden beads shine and sparkle in direct sunlight. The different manipulative or objects used are colorful, the textures of of paint feels good and looks good. All of the materials are clean and complete. The sensitive period for detail in the math area is addressed in many math activities. The set up of materials and presentation needs to be detailed. The movement of the hands has to mimic the specific language used. Children are attracted to each new concept which adds to the last one and leads to something new. There is a natural interest for numbers and numerals inherent in all children. They are constantly exposed to numbers and all around them. Children are first introduced to numbers through hearing. For example in nursery

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