Math And Science Is Important For All Ages Essay

815 Words Apr 18th, 2016 4 Pages
Math and science is important for all ages, however, it is the foundation in the early stages of childhood that builds skills in other areas. Philosophically, math and science is defined differently. One studies patterns, while the other studies nature. Although they have differences, both subjects are the most closest to each other. In education they are connected and should be integrated with each other and other subjects. For example, when you think of scientists, math also comes into view. For scientists, math is a crucial subject that enables them to interpret data, make predictions, test theories, create formulas and much more. This, in its simplest form is also put into practice in early childhood. The commonalities between math and science is found in the integration of concepts and other process skills. Let’s discuss a preschool teacher who brings in different balls, with some having more than one. The teacher wants the students to examine the different balls. The students are asked about the size, shape, weight, texture and color of the balls. To make observations of the balls different skills and concepts are used. Measurement, classification, counting, graphing are the basic skills that are used during this activity. Commonalities between math and science are found throughout the day in a preschool class, which includes different teaching strategies, skills and concepts. I will further examine how they both share space together and builds on children’s…

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