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Bottling Company Case Study | MAT 300: StatisticsProfessor: Dr. Negash Begashaw September 2, 2014 | Maggie L. Moore |

Customers have begun to complain that the bottles of Lonice’s Soda contain less than the advertised sixteen ounces of soda. Today I asked my employees to randomly pull thirty bottles off the lines at random from all the shifts at the Lonice’s bottling plant. After asking them to measure the amount of soda in each bottle we came up with the following data. (See attached spread sheet).
To calculate the mean, median and standard deviation for the ounces in the bottles I first imported the data in excel. After importing the data I use the Data analysis function where I choose descriptive statistics. Once choosing
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Many have asked how this mistake could have been made. There are three simply possible causes. One possible cause is that parts of our machines after clean were not set back to the right amounts which in the end cost some of our bottles to have the incorrect amount of soda in them. This is a problem we are investigating and looking forward to fix if it is the problem.
The second possible cause is that there was a glint in the computer system which causes some of the measurements of soda to be off in some many bottles. The computer system we upgraded to is fairly new and we are still working the bugs out of the system. However this is something we are investigating we do not know for sure it is the new system, but we are looking into the system.
The third possible cause is the belt line is moving fast then it such which is not giving the soda enough time to full the bottle. Which means we are losing soda to the fact the belt lines are not on the right timing to stay in place long enough so that the soda can full up the bottle. This is something we are looking into and prepared to fix if it is the problem.
We are also retraining all of our employees to correctly work the system and machine that we use. We have also change our annually machine checks to monthly checks so that problems like these can be found sooner but the company and not by our customers. Again we truly apologize

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