Material Wealth And Its Effects On Society Essay

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Recent studies have shown that those in poverty are significantly happier than those who are extremely rich. Material wealth, although highly valued in society, has little value in determining our happiness. Similarly, Finney and Achebe depict characters that struggle to come to this realization. They believe that material wealth is the key to life until the greed and selfishness associated with it nearly kills them. They fail to grasp their free will because of the power that material wealth appears to hold. Tom and Jonathan are prideful, but because of the fear and refusal of freedom, they are unable to reach love and happiness. In the beginning, Tom and Jonathan are proud of material wealth, verifying the belief that wealth is accumulated by free will, but tell themselves otherwise to escape the selfish reality of their choices. For instance, when Tom loses his yellow sheet to the window, he notes that he had “paid seven and a half less dollars rent than their neighbors” as the paper reaches the crevice between the two apartments (Finney 2). Through this, Tom expresses that he considers material wealth extremely valuable, as not having enough money had caused the paper that held the fate of his job to get stuck in an unreachable crack. Tom is prideful of his money and earnings because he puts this much value on material wealth, and this pride concludes that Tom chose on his free will to earn this money because it is not a necessity, but rather, it is a booster of his…

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