Mat 510 Week 11 Final Exam Essay

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Question 1: The principal drivers of the rapid change in the global economy are:

Question 2: What is tool that can be used to detect the structure variation?

Question 3: Improving the quality of process measurements is:

Question 4: Sub-optimization occurs when:

Question 5: Which type of variation was critical to resolving the realized revenue case study?

Question 6: In evaluating data on our process outputs, four characteristics we might investigate are: central tendency, variation, shape of distribution, and stability. Which of the following tools would be most helpful to determine the
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Question 18: The basic reason for randomness of sampling in design of experiments is:

Question 19: A 32 experiment means that we are experimenting with:

Question 20: Given the plot below, what might you suspect about factors A and B?

Question 21: What would happen (other things equal) to a confidence interval if you calculated a 99 percent confidence interval rather than a 95 percent confidence interval?

Question 22: We have conducted an election poll of 600 likely voters, collected as randomly as possible. The 95% confidence interval (CI) for those planning to vote for Senator Smith is about 55% +/- 4%. How many additional likely voters would we need to poll to reduce the CI width to +/- 2%? Hint – you do not need to calculate the exact value to answer this question.

Question 23: I have made a mistake in copying data into my computer to perform a large regression model with 20 independent variables. Basically, I ended up with random data in each of the columns. However, I accidentally ran the regression anyway. Making reasonable assumptions, which of the following outcomes is most likely?

Question 24: For which of the following scenarios am I most likely to utilize a Chi-squared test?

Question 25: I have calculated an interval to document the uncertainty in my estimate of the long-term standard deviation I will experience in time to pay invoices in my business going forward. Baaed on

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