Essay Mastercard Card Of College Athletes

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Debit card of College athletes As a college student, I find it hard to balance school and part time job; most of my time is spent on work instant of homework and it is not easy to juggle both at the sometime. Being a college student is hard in itself, but being an athlete in college, maybe even harder. A college athlete has to balance school and sport, college athletes have to work hard both on and off the field, they have many advantages but overwhelming disadvantages. Some college athletes are faced with the disadvantage of having little to no money because of their status in society so they have to work for extra money, a college athlete puts in 20 hours a week just by fair practices while having to focus on school as well. The NCAA is a big organization that makes $627 million dollars off those athletes, but doesn’t allow the athletes to get any dotation; one critical problem that a college athletes face is injurious; college athletes put their bodies on the line and if they sustain a critical injury that may end their careers it’s a scary thought for many of the athletes. I believe that college athletes should get a form of pay for the hard work and dedication to the spot and the league they play for, so I do think they should be a way to pay those athletes. There are problems that have come out of student athletes not getting payed for playing a big sport in college. This problem hurt both the athletes and the league; student athletes have found other ways of getting…

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