Master's- Prepared Nurse Interview Essay

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Master's Prepared Nurse Interview
Eduardo Mariano
Grand Canyon University
Theoretical Foundations for Nursing Roles and Practice
July 31, 2013

Master's Prepared Nurse Interview
This is an interview of a Master’s- prepared nurse who has recently assumed an Assistant Director of Nursing position. The aim of the interview is to show how a graduate of a Master of Science in Nursing would adequately prepare a nurse to assume a higher role in the field of nursing practice, education or administration. This achievement offers the individual with many opportunities for growth and opens the door to different career possibilities. I chose to interview B.A., a fellow instructor at the Anaheim nursing school where we teach.
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Graduate Education
During the interview, I saw glimpses of why B.A. wanted to be a nurse and why she pursued higher education. She recalled getting Scarlet Fever when she was a schooler and remembered a nice lady visiting and taking care of her. There was also a time when she lost her second pregnancy from an abruption. She was in shock and denial, and a nurse assisted her in cleansing and preparing the remains. She also mentioned that among her mother’s clan, she is the only member who is a degree holder. She considers this a major personal accomplishment. Together with her passion her teaching, she obtained her graduate education.
B.A. completed MSN/ Nursing/ Health Care Education at the University of Phoenix in 2011. This was an intense twenty month on- campus program, career- designed particularly for working professionals. The program prepared a baccalaureate degree nurse to function in leadership roles in clinical practice and educational settings. The curricula, centered on evidence- based practice, critical thinking and leadership development, helped to increase her knowledge and hone her skills. (Master of Science in Nursing, 2013)The nursing courses included advanced nursing content and process together with leadership skills. (Master of Science in Nursing, 2013) The health care education program focused on faculty role, curriculum

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