Master 's Management Information Systems Essay

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Master’s in Management Information Systems
Napoleon once said, “War is ninety percent information.”
In today’s world where there is plethora of data available, one is faced with the challenge of extracting useful information. Data has to be thoroughly dissected, refined, compared and perceived to obtain the information. When it is presented in a proper format it can help global organizations to effectively manage their operations, people management and to measure progress against their goals. As humans are limited in their ability to comprehend voluminous data, the need for better management systems arises. This discrepancy in existing systems and need for the efficient ones has sparked the interest in me to pursue Master’s in Information Systems
Having worked as Security consultant for a 3 billion manufacturing sector project I had the opportunity to understand the functional and implementation process in manufacturing sector. The project dealt with Web Methods Technology, business process integration software which provided an integrated platform that includes service-oriented architecture (SOA) and worked as a middleware tool between SAP and e-commerce portal
Working with Deloitte & Touche LLP (Audit and Enterprise Risk Services), as a Technology Risk Consultant, for the last 4 years has helped me see the importance of information systems in greater light. ITIL certification a Deloitte’s internal course has introduced me how to address IT services of an organization are…

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