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Business Plan

Borjan Duhonj
Yi Ren Lin Chih-Yu

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1. Executive summary p. 3 2. General company description p. 5 3. Product and services p. 6 4. Gbuddy procedure description p. 8 5. Market research p. 9 6. Customers p. 10 7. Marketing p. 13 8. Competitor analysis p. 16 9. Positioning p. 19 10. Marketing mix configuration p. 21 * Service strategy p. 21 * Promotional strategy p. 21 * Pricing strategy p. 23 11. Economics p. 24 * Income statements p. 28 12. Legal conditions p. 33 13. General user information
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As an economic student with a passion for innovation Duhonj began researching opportunities to expand this concept into Norway. Earlier in 2013 Duhonj spent his summer vacation in Norway where he would spend 37 NOK on a one-way bus ticket from his home in the suburbs to the centrum. This same year the Norwegian state budget invested 673 million NOK bettering public transportation and reducing the amount of cars in the cities to become a more environmentally friendly county. Where did the money go? Surely ridesharing would be a cost-effective, convenient, and eco-friendly alternative to the expensive means of transportation currently available.

Duhonj´s initial inclination was to get in touch with the inventor of Lyft, John Zimmer, to bring Lyft to Norway. However, after reaching out via phone, email, LinkedIn, and other social media sites, did not garner any response, he decided to attempt to bring ridesharing to Norway on his own. As an economic student with no knowledge of app development, Duhonj recognized he would need some talented and hardworking allies on this project. He reached out to a former roommate from University of Agder (UiA) Grimstad named Yi Ren. Ren has a Ph.D in Informal Communication and Technology from UiA and is also currently working as an Assistant Researcher at National Chiao Tung University (NCTU). His current

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