Master Teacher Leadership Case Study

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Mastering Teacher Leadership
This case is about a multistage, communication study of teachers by Wittenberg
University’s Department of Education to determine the viability of starting a
Master of Education program for Ohio-certified teachers working within school districts serving a five-county area.


Used with permission of
Pamela S. Schindler

Ohio legislators recently implemented new standards for those wishing to teach within Ohio’s public and private schools. Teachers certified to teach in Ohio in 2002 or later will need to complete a master’s degree before obtaining their second licensure renewal. New teachers, therefore, will have a five- to seven-year window to complete the master’s degree after their initial licensure to teach.
Historically, teachers have looked to graduate level courses to fulfill their professional development requirements. According to the newly passed Ohio Department of Education Teacher Certification Standards, for the first time all professional development activities must be tied to professional development plans customized by local school district goals. All such plans will be approved and monitored by Local Professional Development Committees. These LPDCs will look
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Highest level of education obtained. Please select one from the list below.
❒ Less than a B.A./B.S.

❒ B.A./B.S.

❒ B.A./B.S. plus graduate work

❒ Currently in M.A./M.S. program

❒ M.A./M.S.

❒ Ph.D. or currently enrolled in Ph.D. program.

❒ M.A./M.S. plus additional graduate work
If you are currently enrolled in a graduate program, which college or university are you attending?
4. Which of the following qualities are most important to you in a graduate program? (Please rank the top three qualities with “1” being of most importance, “2” being of next most importance, etc.)
____ Reputation

____ Quality of instruction

____ Class size

____ Schedule flexibility

____ Closeness to home

____ Individual attention

____ Cost

____ Other



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5. If costs were kept competitive, how likely would you be to apply to a master’s degree program in

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