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Comparison of my life and OKWU values

Carol L. Scott RN, BSN

Oklahoma Wesleyan University

Comparison of my life and OKWU values

Being a nurse for the past 20 years has been a very interesting and very difficult thing for many different reasons throughout the years. A year ago I decided to make a commitment to obtain my graduate degree in nursing. At the time of my decision I had no idea how I would accomplish this working a fulltime job, being out of school for nearly 20 years and not being financially secure at this point in my life as I would like. Regardless of all the above listed I went out on faith and enrolled in school at OKWU and during this little time I feel that I have a connection with OKWU.
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While trying to balance my personal life and now school life, I really feel that the 5 stress factors will play a huge part of my success as graduate nurse. The physiological, psychological, sociocultural, developmental, and spiritual will all play huge parts of my success as a graduate students and I also agree it is how I manage the stress that will dictate my outcome. If we as future professional nurses promote the understanding of this concept we can make a huge difference in healthcare.

I also surprisingly have the same ideas as OKWU in regards to the collision points discussed I feel we have the same views. The five areas of collision points address key issues and I am in agreement with all five but I am particularly in agreement with advocacy. I am a case manager for an hospital and on a daily basis as I’m the advocate for my patients, whether its reporting abuse at a patient home, making sure the patient is educated about disease process or just making sure the patient has privacy while admitted. I truly feel that I have encompass all of the five collision points as my role as a case manager but also I will use all five during my graduate studies here at OKWU.

Finally I would like to explore nursing as it relates to my graduate education and professional practice. I feel that here at OKWU the importance of obtaining a higher education in nursing is a huge emphasis that

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