Essay on Massachusetts 's Approach : Systemic Long Term Change

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a. Rhode’s Approach: Systemic Long Term Change
In the Beauty Bias Rhode offers her own suggestions for legal reform. Rhode’s strategies for reform include promoting equal opportunity, encouraging employee activism, and looking to jurisdictions that have enacted anti-appearance discrimination laws.
Her primary plan to address trait discrimination focuses on long term goals for society. Rhode’s plan for reform is to promote equal opportunity through tolerance and activism.
In order to accomplish this reform Rhode argues society needs to change how appearance discrimination is viewed. By teaching a new generation of children to “lead by example,” to combat appearance discrimination at an individual level this change can be realized. Rhode interprets leading by example to mean that children should be brought up “positive body images, healthy diets, active lifestyles.” Rhode asserts that there is a desperate need for parents to encourage healthier styles of living for their children. Through these changes Rhode believes that this will increase their tolerance for others’ appearances and ultimately shape “social attitudes and policies toward appearance. Although this change is minute, it can have a dramatic impact for generations to come. Rhode provides that grooming code requirements often preference particular traits and qualities held by the majority of society, which furthers subordination and inequality for minorities in society. Changing attitudes and instilling tolerance…

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