Essay Mass Shootings And Gun Control

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MASS SHOOTINGS AND GUN CONTROL Since the beginning of time violence against others has been a part of the everyday society and culture that American?s have come to consider normal activity. When everyday life is tragically changed due to a horrific action such as mass murders, the American people want to know why and how to prevent the incidents from happening again. To respond to the outcry for action, the Government will enact and enforce tougher gun control laws and punishments for such incidents to recreate a sense of safety and stability.
Mass Shootings ?Mass murder rarely involves a sudden explosion of rage. To the contrary, mass killers typically plan their assaults for days, weeks, or months. These preparations include where, when, and who to kill, as well as with what weapons they will strike. These assailants are deliberate, determined to kill, with little regard for what obstacles are placed in their path? (Fox, 2014). ?The FBI defines a mass shooting as ?FOUR or more shot and/or killed in a single event [incident], at the same general time and location, not including the shooter? (Mass Shootings). A man named Howard Unruh on Tuesday September 6, 1949 committed the first documented mass shooting that took place in the United States, it was known as his ?Walk of Death?. ?Howard Unruh would embark upon his ?Walk of Death,? murdering 13 people and wounding three others in a 20-minute rampage before being hauled off by police after a dangerous firefight?…

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