Mass School Shooting The Headline Reads Essay

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Mass School Shooting the headline reads. There is a feeling of collective shock and disbelief. Parents vicariously see their worst nightmares right in front of their eyes. There is feelings of outrage, loss, unknown. The question is asked How can this never happen again, what can the authorities do to prevent this from ever happening again. The view of inadequate Gun Control always leads the way to solve the problem but most would say gun control is adequate and nothing could have stopped this event based on Gun control.

There are many factors that contribute leading up to the act of violence. The thing people forget that there is a person behind the action and that the gun is only the device used to carry out the heinous crime. Guns are measly tool; just as a knife is a tool, used to help in the hands of a surgeon and to destroy in the hands of a murder. Guns are seen as the perpetrators of violence. That the gun made the decision to murder, that logic is flawed and irrational, since guns are inanimate objects. The true problem lies far beyond the first conclusions on how to solve the problem.

I once heard a great question to ask those who say they are anti-guns; so would you hire a body guard who didn’t carry a firearm, to protect you in a dangerous area, where things could easily go wrong? And they would look at you like you were crazy because they never would. They want someone to have the most effective tool for the job just like anyone would.

Gun control is often…

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