Mass Migration Essay

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Register to read the introduction… First configure the factionalism of racism. These parties arising from the movement of large numbers to the developed areas and usually consist of a mixture of different races. Under the pressure of reality, migrants establish ethnic composition of communities based on religion or language or skin color, etc. These gatherings are usually trying to prove their presence in the host country. Sometimes they tend to illegal means, such as crimes, drug, non-peaceful demonstrations and direct confrontation with the security forces of the host country. This leads to destabilization of the country's security and sometimes this situation is evolving to outside interference from neighboring countries or the international community to impose a binding political decisions. Anonymous (2001) states that in Indonesia increased migration of Muslim religion people to the Moluccas, which is predominantly Christian people, which are a minority for the country as a whole. This has led to strong tensions that led to the partisanship groups on the basis of religious. This resulted in fierce battles that have killed more than 25 thousand of the two sides (Anonymous 2001). This deteriorating security situation led to intervention by the UN Security Council, which tried to give this minority Christian in the Moluccas islands right to self-determination. …show more content…
Because it results in negative phenomena such as overpopulation, the spread of crime, drugs, prostitution, begging, racism, lack of natural resources and civil wars. These phenomena can destroy the infrastructure of the communities in the social, and economic political. With increasing the driving reasons for mass migration, such as climate change, wars, poverty may increase immigration so difficult to control and then turn into a real danger threatening the lives of people in full. Therefore, the international community governments should take this matter very seriously by Carrying out studies and scientific research to find solutions and make strategic plans to reduce the effects of this

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