Mass Media As A Agent Of Socialization Essay

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In this weeks discussion question, I chose Mass Media as my agent of socialization. Mass media, i.e., television, internet, magazines and video games, are some of the more recently developed agents of socialization. Previously, it was our peers, family and community that were influential to us because of the lack of mass media.

Magazines as an agent of socialization affect us in many ways. Many things in magazines affect the way that we live our lives and respond to daily cues in life. Seeing a picture of a model, Miranda Kerr, for example, may convince us that to be considered beautiful we must look like Miranda. They show us that our differences may not be acceptable because they are not the standard of beauty set by society. They tell young girls “you have to have this body, wear your hair like this, dress this way or wear this makeup” to be considered beautiful. Magazines influence us what we should buy in order to be popular or accepted by our peers. They tell us what they want us to know thereby using the magazine as a way of molding us into what is socially acceptable. The thought process seems to be that if you don 't have this latest perfume or this name brand shoe that you aren 't in the “in crowd” and therefore are going to be socially ousted by your peers. Trends, in my opinion, are ways these agents of socialization affect us. One example of a current trend that everyone is trying to follow is makeup highlight. Creating this false sense of inner glow or…

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