Essay about Mass Media And Its Impact On Society

1435 Words Dec 7th, 2015 6 Pages
With the introduction of mass media, not only has this lead to a greater availability of news media but greater misinterpretation. Social networking has become a great tool as a way to spread awareness of global and local events far past anything that could ever be possible with classic ways of communication. For better or worse the fact still remains that more and more news outlets are moving to digital form using social networking sites as a platform. Online site have long since passed the days where as they had been simply a way for people to communicate with friends and family. With the rise of the digital age so did our understanding of the world on a far greater scale than has been known in previous years. Primarily say 10-15 years ago the main method that information had been passed along was via either printed text or word of mouth. Granted although there had been basic form of the digital age in which we know it had been far from as wide spread and implemented as we know of it today. However, because of these methods that not only help shape society as we know it, change is not always a good things. Since a primary means of communication for society is online media this has lead to the ability of anyone to be able to report events. Generally this granted is a good thing but, unfortunately along with that ability to say whatever you want whenever you want results in a great deal of biased views. As we know drawing on the beliefs of structural functionalist…

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