Essay about Mass Media And Its Impact On Modern Society

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Mass media is a product of historical development of modern society, is to meet the require of the growing material for cultural exchanges and gradually produced and developed. Mass media in modern society has a dynamic role in the historical development, and the historical development of modern society in the process of political, economic, social, cultural brought a profound impact, showing a significant influence. In the history of the development of modern society, the mass media play more important political influence, and outstanding performance in setting the political agenda, the formation of public opinion, to change the political relations, the impact of public policy, the implementation of political oversight, shaping the political and cultural aspects . In the United States of institutional system, the decision to form the main mass media are structural factors: technology development, population and economic growth, and the development of private enterprises and listed companies dominated by the media. The desire to chase profits, making the major media by limiting the number of political news, depth and promote patriotic mainstream values to emphasize the visual impact, the report has a dramatic story to boost ratings. In Washington, reporters and government officials are interdependent relationship, reporters need stories, they are very dependent on official sources, especially when the army fighting overseas. This shows that government officials…

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