Mass Media And Its Effects On Society Essay

1321 Words Nov 15th, 2016 6 Pages
In mass media ;press, radio, film, and television succeed in taking the audiences minds off society and other cultural disasters. Although some people think mass media is needed for everyday citizens to get their voice heard and communicate with other countries, mass media consist of problems such as inaccuracies, wrong priorities and mis leading audiences with propaganda, which leads to social problems in cultures due to misconceptions on a sensitive topic. The media appears helpful at first glance but their true intentions are revealed when the need for money and views overrules reporting news that is beneficial to viewers. When news broadcasters compete to be the first to report on a topic and draw more attention to them selves for popularity purposes, they rush and do not get proper research on their topics which leads to inaccuracies in the news. Many wonder why media has a constant change of stories and it is because “thirty four percent of mistakes were due to the rush to the deadline (current)”. This common occurrence gives their audience little hope to believe in what is published, as the fierce competition rises in media companies will continue to drive other news sources out of the business. Smaller business reporting give supported facts and take the most time to come up with their facts.However, they are beat to the punch by large news companies who barely cover the story and lose viewers because their stories do not have the drama that attracts most…

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