Mass Media And Its Effect On The Lives Of African American Men

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There are many obstacles, such as political, physical, and cultural that can shape and construct the life chances of African American males in the U.S. According to The Opportunity Agenda (2001), the social, economic and symbolic place of an African American men is reconstructed and reinforced every day.” In particular, public perceptions and attitudes toward black males not only help to create barriers to advancement within this society, but also make that position seem natural or inevitable (The Opportunity Agenda, 2001).” This is so, because mass media uses its power to shape popular ideas, beliefs and attitudes to set certain perceptions and views.

Mass media have played and still plays a crucial role in the way African American men, including young boys, is perceive. Due to the overwhelming media focus on crime, violence and other forms of “reckless behavior” acts among African American men, the media have instilled a misleading and malicious perception of African American men.

The goal of this paper is study how mass media portrays and impact the lives of African American men. So, to better understand why mass media portrays such a negative imagine on Black men, we need to understand the history of racism. Race has become an institutional part of American society.

Race in the U.S was created in response to European colonial conquests as justification for domination. Angela Davis argues in her book Are Prisons Obsolete? that this relationship was forged mainly in…

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