Essay about Mass Marketing and Mass Customization

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1. Stragetic Marketing

In its strategic role, marketing focuses on business’s intentions in a market and the means and timing of realizing those intentions. The strategic role of marketing is quite different from marketing management, which deals with developing, implementing, and directing programs to achieve designated intentions

1.1 Concept of strategic marketing

As shown above, the marketing function plays at different levels in the organization. At the corporate level, marketing inputs (competitive analysis, market dynamics, and environmental shifts) are essential for formulating a corporate strategic plan. Marketing represents the boundary between the marketplace and the company, and knowledge of current and emerging
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All three Cs-customer, corporation, and competition- are dynamic, living creatures with their own objectives to pursue. If what the customer wants doesn’t match the needs of the corporation, the latter’s long-term viability may be at stake. Positive matching of the needs and objectives of customer and corporation is required for a lasting good relationship. But such matching is relative, and if the competition is able to offer a better match, the corporation will be at a disadvantage over time. In other words, the matching of needs between customer and corporation must not only be positive, it must be better or stronger than the match between the customer and the competitor. When the corporation’s approach to their customer is identical to that of the competition, the customer cannot differentiate between them. The result could be a price war that may satisfy the customer’s but not the corporation’s needs.

In summary, marketing strategy, in terms of these three key constituents, must be defined as an endeavor by a corporation to differentiate itself positively from its competitors, using its relative corporate strengths to better satisfy customer needs in a given environmental setting.

1.2 Example for marketing strategy

1.2.1 Around the

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