Essay on Mass Incarceration And The Criminal Law System

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Mass Incarceration Problem in Canada
Mass incarceration is a growing reality in Canada. Our national incarceration rate reached an all-time high in 2012, with the “tough on crime” policy agenda of the federal government then in power bringing about unprecedented levels of mass incarceration (textbook). This paper will articulate on mass incarceration and the criminal law system that shows important characteristics in the Canadian legal system that are rendered within the context of over incarceration. Therefore, this paper argues that the mass incarceration is a problem in Canada and that they should address a change in the criminal law. Over incarceration is a value judgement, meaning that there is too much (video 4). Law and order perspectives might say that in fact that the higher the incarceration rate reflects being tough on crime. Advocates of “tough on crime” approaches are convinced that crimes should be punished by harsh penalties and tough prison regimes rather than solely by penalties proportionate to the seriousness of the crime (change wording). On the other hand, in some respect, arguably confirming of the need for the criminal justice system and potentially imported for the existence of the criminal justice system that there are many people who are being process through it. Prisons in most parts of Canada are experiencing overcrowding, violence, and possibly mental and physical medical attention for older prison population. Crowded prisons are expensive and…

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