Essay on Mass Incarceration And Its Effects On Society

1025 Words Nov 23rd, 2014 5 Pages
Criminals get released just to be incarcerated into society. Mass incarceration is not the solution to reducing or stopping crime. No matter how many people are put behind bars, crime is still going to happen. If jails and prisons are supposed to resolve crime, why does crime keep on happening? Penitentiaries ruin felons’ lives. Everyone agrees that with every mistake comes a consequence; however, the conditions and impact of penitentiaries on society is devastating. Life during and after incarceration is a struggle. Felons are at a high risk of becoming severely ill in prison. There’s a loss of possible employees for some businesses who have no problem hiring ex-cons. After incarceration, criminals are not considered citizens anymore because their rights are violated. Not only does mass incarceration outlaw felons, but it hurts society instead of helping it. Felons are vulnerable to sickness when they’re locked up. Prisons and jails have become overcrowded, which means infections and disease are easier to spread. In addition, freedom is limited due to mass incarceration. Darnell was convicted for burglary and sentenced to ten years in prison. He was sent to the San Quentin Prison in California. Darnell could not get his daily meal like he used to since there are more prisoners coming in. In the kitchen, the servers do not have gloves or aprons on when they are serving. The servers do not wash their hands when they are cleaning up, either. Darnell was lucky enough…

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