Essay on Mass Incarceration : A Unique Way Of Saying

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Mass incarceration is a unique way of saying that the United States has locked up a tremendous amount of the population in state and federal prisons, and even local jails. The U.S currently locks over 2.2 million human beings in cages, and many are for nonviolent offenses.
What is this issue about? Mass incarceration rates continue to rise. There are spaces in the prisons and jails where there are situations such as no beds available. So what do we do with the individuals going to jail, or prison? The United States is not only tripling beds in the different pods, but also are quadrupling beds in the pods. In this case, it continues to get overcrowded, and with that being said, more fights/riots are occurring. Prisoners are being put at risk in these types of situations. “More must be done to help the large number of people already in the criminal justice system successfully reenter society—or risk undermining support for reform.” (Lubuglio and Piehl 2015) We need to understand that some of the people being brought into prison, (as I stated before) are for nonviolent crimes. Why are people getting locked up for crimes like these? Nonviolent crimes consist of bribery, prostitution, fraud. Nonviolent crimes do not a harm or threat upon any victim.
Who are the relevant actors?
Race has only been an issue and will continue to be. African Americans and latinos are the main actors that end up incarcerated and sometimes, they didn’t do anything wrong. There is a very important…

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