Mass Extinction Of The Human Species Essays

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Mass Extinction of the Human Species

The future is not guaranteed for individuals, and the same is true for all of humanity. Of the millions of species that exist on this planet humans are known as the most intelligent, but maybe this is a misconception. While mankind carries on its activities, the chance of a mass extinction grows with every misuse of the earth. It is more likely that humans will cause their own extinction than it is that they would be wiped out by a natural catastrophe. Humans are also known as a violent species so it is not unreasonable for one to analyze the threat of a mass extinction due to a nuclear war. Humanity is looking into biological warfare as well, and it would be foolish to ignore the risks and the possible outcomes of a new virus strain. Not only are these potential threats worrisome, but one must also consider the detrimental effects humans have on the environment that can potentially poison the planet.

War has always been dangerous, but before all the advancements in technology it didn’t have the potential to kill the world. Because of these advancements we now have the threat of a nuclear war. CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear weapons) are all weapons of mass destruction that were meant to stop the threat of war; however, they have only succeeded in making it more deadly for humans altogether. For example, during the Cold War the Soviet Union created a device called the “dead hand” which was meant…

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