Maslow's Five Basic Levels Of Needs Theory Study

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Using Maslow’s five basic levels of needs theory on human behavior to analyze our CBT results, we’ve first focused on the area of the physiological development of the males, starting with their home environment, and how it affects their behavior in school.66 Maslow’s first theory suggests if a person is deprived of a foundation to survive, they internally battle in search of satisfaction (Substance Use). And if these needs are not met a person will act-out in a humanist’s way to achieve this (Violence). Therefore, when we analyze our participant’s behavior, we took in the account where their basic needs being met, and if not, and can this explain why they act the way they do (Family Functioning). A closer look into
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First, where their basic human needs to sustain life itself - food, clothing, sleep, and shelter being met to the degree needed for the sufficient operation of the body.67 Second, if not, what is causing the problem? As we discussed earlier in this study, many of the males come from a single-parent female household, where some of their basic needs are not being met, due to a low level of family income. As a result, our program design encouraged them in their emotional adolescent development, as they learn more cognitive skills and gain a better understanding of the consequences of their behavior as their physical physiological needs were being partially satisfied (Depression Symptoms), with their exposure to career and college opportunities in our program, other levels of needs became important, and these motivate and dominate the behavior of the …show more content…
This was the environment for which the majority of the participants were developing their male identity and how they learned to resolve their conflicts.70 According to Maslow, this is the first vital step towards motivating a person to reach their full potential, but if this need is not satisfied a person will feel trapped in this developmental stage. This is what you see from the high number of school suspensions during the participants first two years -where their behavior of acting-out was following the code of the majority of their peers from their environment, to rebel, to challenge authority and have no concern for their future, as they struggled with their first basic need to survive at home and adjust in their new school environment as well.71 With, the natural of their acts according to Maslow’s theory was a safety-seeking mechanism in dealing with a paranoia state of being persecuted by society and feeling threaten in an unreliable, or unsafe, or unpredictable situation, indicates they lack the capacities to organize their emotions or control their

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