Maslow 's Hierarchy Of Needs Essay

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Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a theory proposed by psychologist, Abraham Maslow, in 1943. This theory explains the basic concept of how humans are constantly striving to satisfy a need. Due to humans having many different types of needs, Maslow aimed to categorize them into levels according to complexity. He illustrates this in a pyramid-style format that is divided into five different levels that is then grouped into three different sections. The most basic human needs, physiological needs, are located at the bottom of the pyramid. This level represents what humans need in order to survive. The idea of this theory is that once the most basic needs have been met, we will enhance to the next level of needs and then work to satisfy those in order to progress towards the top. Once the basic physiological and safety needs are met, one is able to move onto psychological needs. Psychological needs include the idea of belongingness and love, as well as self-esteem. Lastly, you reach self-fulfillment needs. This is the highest and most complex level of needs, which is labeled as self-actualization. This level is achieved when someone has reached his or her full potential in life.
Over the past month in clinicals, it has been interesting watching all of the different health care professionals implement Maslow’s theory. Like Karnatovskaia, Gajic, Bienvenu, Stevenson, and Needham said, “In this adaptation of Maslow’s hierarchy, ICU personnel, family members, and the patient play an…

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