Essay Maslow 's Hierarchy Of Needs

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Maslow is most famous for his hierarchy of needs, and Rogers is most famous for his humanistic counselling techniques. Maslow did some research, starting out with monkeys and noticed that some needs were more pressing than others, with hunger, thirst and other physical needs being fulfilled before animals or humans look for other needs such as shelter. He developed a hierarchy of needs - the most basic ones being fulfilled first, then needs for safety and security, then love and belonging, and finally 'self-actualisation ' - fulfilling your potential. His idea was that every human is always driven towards self-actualisation, although these other needs have to be taken care of first. See the links for a diagram of his hierarchy.

Rogers likewise felt that every human being was basically good, and striving for the best as they saw it. It was quite a positive view of human nature, compared to the psychoanalytic view that we have all these dark desires that we suppress, or the behavioral view that we are all blank slates until we are conditioned to respond in various ways. Rogers had several principles for conducting therapy, including empathy with the client, unconditional positive regard, and congruence (letting your actions reflect what you are thinking or feeling - which is fine as long as you feel empathy and unconditional positive regard!!). His counselling style is essentially non-directive, the therapist existing to facilitate the client finding the answer that is…

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