Maslow 's Hierarchy Of Needs Essay example

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As part of my HNC studies, I will look to understand and highlight two psychological theories, I have chosen Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and Colin Murray Parkes model of loss. I will be using a variety of sources to gather information such as web pages, articles, journals and books to give me an understanding of each theory. I have chosen Maslow 's hierarchy of needs to apply to an individual within my placement which in turn will allow for me to explain their health and behaviour. To respect and retain confidentiality as outlined in the data protection act 1998 and within the organisational policy, I will refer to the individual as Mrs X.
One area of interest in the psychodynamic approach to psychology is transition and loss. Transitions and losses can occur at any given time in an individual’s life, these can be planned and expected or it can happen by surprise. These transitions and losses can affect each person differently, this is the focus for theorists who look at the way our personalities can be altered by changes. At some point in everyone’s life’s they will experience change, some could be transitions and some could be losses. Colin Murray Parkes describes grief as a normal response to a loss and believed that it was far too easy for individual to use medication rather than face the emotional up and downs involved in grieving. Parkes developed his model of loss, he believed models of loss helped individuals realise that the emotions they are experiencing,…

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