Maslow 's Hierarchy Of Needs Essays

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At 31 years of age I ask myself "Am I successful?". I think to answer that depends greatly on each individual’s definition of success. What aspects or categories they may be looking at? If success is defined by money or happiness. It is a very abstract topic. I define the success in my life not by how much money I make or have, but by how I make others feel. I feel, from my point of view, that I am very successful. However, I do not look at material possessions when I grade my life. Looking at Maslow 's hierarchy of needs I can see where I have come from, and where I am headed. Now, I don 't think I will ever reach self-actualization; since Jesus was about the only one to ever do that; but I do know that I will continue to make my life better and more successful with each passing year. Education, family, relationships, and work each would have different levels of success. Each aspect can use improvement and growth.
Money is should not be a defining factor of people’s success because it is fleeting. Material possessions are just that, they are things. What is here today can be gone tomorrow. To often we see someone 's life destroyed by flood, fires, tornados, or some other devastating act. If their success; and thereby happiness, is defined by what they have that can be bought; then they are unsuccessful. They are poor. However, if their success is defined by their love, strength, honor, and morals; they will more likely be considered very successful. They can weather any…

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