Essay on Maslow 's Hierarchy Of Needs

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Self Actualization is the highest level of human development according to Maslow. This level of development is what will set one’s self apart from the rest. On this level a person will need to successfully have the entire needs met that is listed in order in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs each checked off. An individual cannot get to the level of self actualization if they do not feel safe, confident or healthy and so on. All these needs need to be met in order to meet that level. Unfornately, there are many of those who goes through life just living day by day not motivated by anything that surrounds but do the bare minimum just to get by. Then there are those with disabilities such Autism that prevents or make it more difficult for them to reach that level. In my line of work I have one autistic client in particular that I work with everyday to one day reach this level. In this paper I will provide with some of the activities that I do with him to get him to this level using Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs. Finding Self Actualization

How is it that some people reach self actualization and others don’t? What sets these people apart from the rest? According to Fewer U.S Graduates Opt for College after High School by Floyd Norris, “65.9% of people who had graduated from high school the previous spring had enrolled in college”. Many of these students are looking to have a better future, happier lives, and to one day live a comfortable lifestyle. These students have goals and work…

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