Masculinity, Perception Of Men, And The Presence Of Masculine Characteristics

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The authors give their perspective on males, society’s view of them, perception of men, and the presence of masculine characteristics; while Barry takes a satirical view on the aspects of masculinity, Garland develops his article into a plea asking men to rediscover their purpose in society.
Both authors discuss manliness and manhood and their definition of the terms. Dave Barry begins his excerpt saying that a great deal of significance is often added to being a man, when in reality it is the aspects of manhood that lead to many of the world problems. He offers a new way for males to be looked at “So I’m saying there is another way to look at males: not as aggressive macho dominators; not as sensitive, liberated, hugging drummers; but as guys” (Barry 915). Identifying males as guys in this way seems like it would take pressure off of men allowing them to escape the traditional roles society has placed on them. Whereas Eric Garland sees the role of the traditional man as a necessity to give men a purpose and place in society, in his article he questions the responsibility of men. “What do you mean the role of men? They are the guys in charge right? Their only role, one supposes, is to cede their unfair advantages over the feminine gender and… what? Keep just doing what whatever they should be doing, right” (Garland 1). He believes men are falling behind as a gender and will keep doing so unless they are able to evolve and keep up with the changing culture. Both…

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